Cracked Corners Of Mouth-Natural Treatment For Angular Cheilitis

Cracked corners of the mouth

are the main symptom of a common condition known as Angular Cheilitis.  In some sufferers, this may be an isolated break-out which clears up on its own without any treatment.  However, for many, the reality is very different indeed!

Many people who are prone to cracked corners of the mouth find that this is a recurrent condition which increases in severity over time.  It can be difficult to isolate the precise causes of this condition and for that reason, conventional medication can only provide symptomatic relief.  If you have visited your doctor with the condition, it is likely that you have been prescribed cortisone cream or a topical antibiotic.  You have probably discovered that these options are not a long term solution. Alternatively, natural treatment for angular cheilitis can be a great alternative as it aims to address the three most probable causes of cracked corners of the mouth.

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Three Possible Causes Of Angular Cheilitis

  1. Bacteria collecting at the edges of the mouth-Bacteria, yeasts and fungus thrive in a warm, damp environment and the corners of the mouth offer the perfect opportunity for multiplication.  Once they take hold, they are notoriously difficult to eradicate.  The area can become damp and moist due to pen-biting, fingernail nibbling or thumb-sucking.  In older people, it can be common in older people with ill-fitting dentures.
  2. Exposure to extremes of weather-Prolonged exposure to sun, wind and cold weather are all thought to contribute towards outbreaks of angular cheilitis.  These extremes of weather can cause the skin to dry out which, in turn, can lead to licking and moistening of the lips.  The moisture created then creates the environment for bacteria and fungus to become entrenched which leads to infection and sore, painful cracked corners of the mouth.
  3. Nutritional Deficiencies-A lack of key nutrients including Iron and Vitamin B12 is thought to contribute towards the condition.

The pain and discomfort caused by recurrent outbreaks of cracked corners of the mouth can easily be underestimated by non-sufferers.  Not only does angular cheilitis look unsightly, but the pain can sometimes be all-consuming, particularly when the outbreak is severe, with deep fissures and cracks causing terrible pain each time you try to carry out everyday activities such as eating, drinking and speaking.

The simple drying of the skin can lead to tiny cracks and it is these in which saliva and moisture can gather.  The moisture will attract bacteria which multiplies and causes the cracks to deepen and widen, causing scabbing and bleeding.

Left untreated, angular cheilitis will spread until it affects the whole of the lips and surrounding area, becoming increasingly painful and unsightly in a very short space of time.

If you are looking for a speedy cracked corners of mouth natural treatment, then there are a couple of different options to consider.  Simple methods of removing the potential causes (as named in 1-3 above) can certainly help in the long term, along with trying simple home remedies such as applying topical creams and using deterrents against finger biting/sucking.

However, if the pain is severe and the appearance of the condition very unsightly, you might want to consider a natural treatment for angular cheilitis which guarantees to heal the lesions and clear the condition up overnight.  This is an economical option and simple to use.  Best of all, it is highly effective with an overnight cure rate of over 95%. This lesser known cure is an excellent alternative to prescription medication, such as antibiotic or cortisone cream, neither of which is likely to provide long term relief.

The key to curing cracked corners of the mouth using natural treatment is to isolate and eliminate the bacteria and fungus which are causing the problems. As previously mentioned, both of these thrive in damp, warm conditions which is why the edges of the mouth is a perfect environment.  Both bacteria and fungus need moisture to survive in so the key is to dry out the area by extracting the moisture which can lead to what seems like a miracle, overnight cure.

Addressing the root causes of cracked corners of the mouth by using a natural treatment for angular cheilitis means an end to recurrent outbreaks and an end to the pain and embarrassment which this condition brings.