Chapped Cracked Lip Corners. Is It Angular Cheilitis?

By admin | July 13, 2011

If you have chapped, cracked lip corners, then there are a number of different factors which can contribute to this very painful condition.  There is very little to compare to the pain of those tiny splits which appear on the lips and around the mouth edges which hurt every single time you eat, speak or drink.

Sometimes, you can try just about everything going and nothing seems to ease the pain.  One of the problems is that our natural instinct is to lick the lips, to moisten them. However, this can be one of the worse things possible as the moisture evaporates and you can end up worse than before, in a constant cycle of licking and drying!

If your chapped, cracked lip corners seem to be persistent or if you are prone to sore lips then it is likely that you are suffering from the common condition known as angular cheilitis.  This is a condition whereby a bacterial or fungal infection becomes settled in the tiny cracks at the lip edges.  This can sometimes cause scabbing, crusty ares and bleeding.  At other times, it might just be characterized as a failure to heal after a couple of days.

The actual reason why you might have angular cheilitis can sometimes be due to a lack of particular nutrients in your diet (mainly iron and the Vitamin B group). However, it can sometimes start off as a result of a fairly innocent activity such as pen biting or finger sucking, both of which can cause tiny amounts of saliva to seep out of the mouth corners on a regular basis.  Ill-fitting dentures can also cause this issue as can fast periods of weight loss, which can often cause skin at the mouth edges to become slack and loose, thus forming tiny pockets of skin in which moisture can collect.

Chapped Cracked Lip Corners – Treatment

Of course, the aim is to eliminate what is causing your angular cheilitis and this may take a period of a few weeks. If, for example, you are lacking in essential nutrients, then it can take a few weeks for the effect of an improved diet or multivitamin supplements to show.

Ease The Pain Of Cracked, Split Lips

The pain of your split lips is probably the issue uppermost in your mind and so you should try to ease the pain of this.  One thing you can do is to coat the lips with an unperfumed lip balm or petroleum jelly as once you can prevent air from reaching the sore area, this can help counteract the pain.  Some people also find that honey can help to ease the soreness.

Over the counter remedies for angular cheilitis tend to have limited use in the long term, with many sufferers discovering that home remedies can work better and be much more economical too.  The natural remedy I recommend for chapped, cracked lip corners can be found within Angular Cheilitis Free Forever, which is a no-nonsense overnight cure which is completely guaranteed to work.

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