What Causes Sore Lip Corners-Other Factors To Watch Out For

By admin | June 23, 2011

If you are left wondering what causes sore lip corners at the edges of your mouth, then there are a number of possible reasons.  I have already explored many of the possibilities in my other posts and this is a further expansion, introducing other possibilities to consider.

As I have said before, understanding the root causes of such conditions is often key to discovering a cure. The condition itself has a medical term which is Angular Cheilitis.

Sore lip corners often start with dryness and the lack of moisture causes splitting and cracking, a little like paper cuts, and this can be extremely painful to say the least. Contrary to what you might expect, it is often a build up of moisture within the tiny folds of skin at the edges of the mouth which can lead to the eventual apparent dryness and scabbing.

The Causes Of Sore Lip Corners

Extreme Weight Gain

Although you might not expect it, gaining large amounts of weight within a fairly short timescale can contribute towards having sore cracking lip edges and the accompanying painful symptoms. Excessive weight gain can lead to sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle weight around the cheeks which, in turn, can lead to tiny pockets and folds forming which can trap small amounts of moisture.  This provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and yeasts which can become entrenched and fixed in the area, causing infection and the characteristic sore lip corners of angular cheilitis.


Excessive salivation can cause moisture to pool around the corners of the lips and if this happens regularly, it can lead to infection.   Eating acidic or sour tasting foods can be the culprit but another common cause of drooling is badly fitting false teeth or braces.  Children who are prone to finger biting and pen sucking can also have excessive drooling.

Common Colds

Another of the causes of sore lip corners is the common cold.  This is not usually as a direct result of the cold itself but usually due to the fact that the immune system is lowered which then compromises the body’s ability to fight off bacteria, such as that which finds its way to the moistened lip corners.  Also, when a person has a cold, it is common for dehydration to be present which can cause cracking, chapping and soreness around the edges of the mouth.

Nutritional Issues

Failure to eat an appropriate diet, rich in nutrients such as iron and the Vitamin B group can be a contributory factor.  It obviously makes sense to eat a healthy diet at all times as this will ensure that you are more likely to be generally healthy, not only avoiding another of the causes of sore lip corners.

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